“If you want to help solve many of the big problems facing the world, including climate change, you can really help if you start with a good understanding of maths. The science and engineering needed cannot progress without it. I know this from my own experience of working on climate modelling for many years. Now as Chair of MEI I am pleased that MEI is helping to provide climate change maths problems for students to work on.”

About Us

As a member of the Climate Change Educational Partnership (CCEP) MEI are delighted to support Green Careers Week and have the chance to demonstrate just one of the many ways that maths is used to benefit society -understanding the world around us and our impact on the planet.

MEI are a charity committed to improving lives through advances in maths education.  We promote the importance, relevance and enjoyment of studying maths beyond GCSE to students in Key Stage 3 and 4 through the work of the Advanced Maths Support Programme. We believe that continuing to study maths widens the range of opportunities available to young people. It helps them to gain skills and confidence in applying the maths they may meet in higher education, and/or the workplace, and develops transferrable skills, such as problem solving and reasoning.

Climate and Sustainability strategy

In April 2022 the DfE published their Climate and Sustainability strategy.  Schools are increasingly including climate and sustainability within their development plans and looking for ways to engage students with those issues. 

At MEI we have been thinking about the role of maths education in the teaching of climate issues. Through our work supporting schools we are creating freely available high-quality resources for teachers to use in the classroom that do just that.

Our latest resources that we produced in collaboration with the Royal Meteorological Society can be accessed from our website. You can find all of our resources in our Climate Education collection and for more resources linking careers and the maths curriculum available go to our AMSP website:

Where maths meets… Green Careers.

Hear from three people in different Green Careers about the importance maths plays in their roles and the world around us.

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