The Met Office

As a leading centre for weather forecasting and climate science, the Met Office helps people around the UK and beyond make decisions so they can be safe, well and prosperous. To do this we need people who are passionate about having a positive impact on our planet, and we know that many of our partners, suppliers and customers need the same too. By supporting Green Careers Week, we hope to highlight the wide range of careers available, and the skills needed now and in the years to come, in organisations like the Met Office so that we can continue to be a force for good.

Zero Net emissions by 2030

As a leading contributor to United Nations climate research the Met Office knows first-hand how greenhouse gas emissions are impacting our climate.

We will have completed our Net Zero journey when our net emissions of harmful greenhouse gases from our operational activities and supply chain have either been fully removed or completely offset. 

Our emissions are measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2), the most common greenhouse gas, or an equivalent (CO2e) amount of other greenhouse gases such as methane, nitrous oxide or hydrofluorocarbons. Our total CO2e emissions are often referred to as our carbon footprint.

Climate Week

On 24-28 May 2021 we held the first Met Office Industry Climate Week to explore some of the climate challenges and opportunities facing business and industry.

Met Office Industry Climate Week was our way of shining a spotlight on these challenges, as well as some of the opportunities. Industry leaders discussed what their organisations are doing to adapt and transition to NetZero, and Met Office experts clarified the latest science and what this means for business and industry. 

Career Stories

Check out the great video interviews below for an insight into Science and Engineering careers at the Met Office. You can also download out useful careers information leaflet here, and fins out more about careers and current vacancies with the Met Office.

Women in Engineering

Women in Science

The weather in 2050

Met Office Careers

One area of the Met Office cannot function without the others. Our engineers keep data flowing; our science and scientific software engineers make data meaningful; and our sales, marketing, consultancy and communications professionals ensure that our forecasts and meteorological products and services reach our customers. The breadth and depth of our work is incredibly varied but whatever area you work in, you’ll be challenged, developed and fascinated in a career where whatever you do, your work will make a valuable contribution to the bigger picture. A career to be proud of. 

Met Office careers

Met Office vacancies

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