As the world aims to reach Net Zero carbon emissions, many new career opportunities are opening up as job roles become greener. The Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS) is the UK’s Professional and Learned Society for weather and climate, which includes working to support the next generation. Working with Green Careers Week, RMetS hopes to showcase some of the broad range of careers already available in weather and climate, provide guidance on what to study and how to access these opportunities, and encourage more people from diverse backgrounds to consider a career in these areas.

So you want to do something about Climate Change?

We created a playlist of great original content for you to enjoy. We explore some of the many careers in climate change that you could do with qualifications in STEM subjects. If you want to work in an area where you can do something positive about climate change, but don’t know how, have a look at the work that these people do, why they think it’s important and the paths they took to the jobs that they now do. If a career in weather or climate sounds interesting, have a look at the further careers information

Careers in Meteorology booklet for early-career professionals

Careers in Weather and Climate booklet for secondary students

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