Green Careers Week is an exciting event that raises aspiration, supports diversity, challenges stereotypes, and promotes real opportunities for young people to have a career that will genuinely make a difference. Discover careers, jobs, roles, and career pathways that are green careers and develop green skills.

A green career can be any job, role or occupation that contributes to preserving or restoring the environment and our planet. It can be any industry, not just those seen as ‘green.’ Green skills are abilities, attributes, values, attitudes, knowledge, and technical skills needed to adapt services, processes and procedures to support climate change.

Green careers are a fast-growing global employment sector that touches every company, employer, employee, and education establishment. Requiring everyone to work together to build a talent pipeline from school through to employment for the thousands and thousands of jobs and roles needed for the future. Green careers reach into every aspect of our lives and offer young people an exciting array of opportunities. There are green careers and green skills suitable for everyone.

Explore these pages and see how these companies and many more are raising awareness of green careers through activity resources, case studies, webinars, videos, events, and employment information. Challenge young people to find out more and continue to embed green careers awareness in the classroom in the coming weeks and months.

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